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About Me

"Michael Carpenter Pooler for the people'

Michael "Chief" Carpenter is an experienced leader, mentor, husband, father, and community hero. Driven by his passion for service, he takes pride in providing his community and those around him with steadfast commitment. As a retired Army warrant officer, he has over a decade of experience providing direction, advisership, and service to his country. As a councilman, his goals include tackling infrastructure issues, expanding community growth with a focus on families, and encouraging small and large business expansion in the greater Pooler area. In addition to his primary job functions, Mr. Carpenter has been recognized by the Red Cross and the Department of Army for his extraordinary commitment to placing his community before himself.


Equality Meets Opportunity

"My mission as city councilman is to be a smart, empowering voice for the community. I will work to improve infrastructure, support businesses and make our city a better place to live for everyone."

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